Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

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Mobile appshave been rapidly changing our lives over the past few years and due to its popularity and usefulness, many app making companies have come up on the scene.

According to reports, the mobile apps development industry generates around $189 Billion US dollars in revenue per year. Experts even suggest that the mobile app development industry to be among the fastest growing industries and it’s not going to slowdown any time soon.

So, it’s not wrong to assume that 2022 will again be the year of mobile apps and appreneurs as well as enterprises will be flush with business. So, if you want to know what’s going to be the latest trends in the mobile app development industry in 2022, then here is a comprehensive list.

1- AR/VR are Game Changers

Tech giants are using AR and VR increasingly and in 2022, their use will not be limited to only gaming applications but in other ways as well. Recently, Google and Apple released new AR demos on their latest devices proving that the future is going to be AR/VR.

AR and VR are now being seeing on social platforms for branding and to target potential customers through ‘Beyond The Screens’ AR/VR apps. Snapchat and Instagram have already brought out AR filters that turns human faces into funny characters.

2. AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are increasingly invading the mobile app market. Chatbots are a form of AI, while Siri, is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 2002, many organizations including android application development companies will start embracing AI app development to make profit as well as reduce operational expenses. Those companies using ERP solutions will now use AI to expand their proficiency in the workplace which means that AI & Machine Learning will have a significant opportunity for innovation in the coming days.

3. Cloud-the Future of the Mobile App Industry

Cloud Computing will offer many benefits to app development companies in 2022, and companies like Apple are going to be using it increasingly to cut costs for their iPhone application development.

Not only does it reduce costs in web hosting, it also offers improved loading capacity, and streamlined business operations. Companies are able to solve many security-related concerns through the help of the Cloud, thus making mobile app development highly secure and reliable.

4. The rise and Rise of Mobile Wallets

The demand for Mobile Payment solution app development is on the rise, but the top most concern is safety and risk aversion for the user. Mobile payment wallets and payment gateway integration offering highest level of secured encryption is becoming the norm in the mobile app development world.

5. Mobile eCommerce(M-commerce) Growing Steadily

Since the start of the pandemic, ecommerce mobile app development has seen immense rise. Covid-19 has changed user behaviour online and consumers are going to continue using m-commerce apps even if the pandemic fades away.

The immense success of businesses from grocery delivery to every type of retail industry, mobile commerce has been steadily growing and is among themost promising mobile app industry trends.


Staying up-to-date with current trends and technologies will help you stay abreast with changing customer demands and the competition.

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