6 Questions To Help Recognize The Right SEO Company In Bhubaneswar

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In this technology-driven world, everyone is surrounded by fake gurus, which are present in every industry. Believe it or not, some SEO companies even claim that they can hack the Google algorithm. Fortunately, it’s very easy to stay away from fake gurus and find the right SEO company in Bhubaneswar.

Finding an SEO company that meets your expectations is no longer challenging if you take some effort. So today, we’re mentioning some important questions you should always ask before hiring an SEO company for your business.

For How Long You’re Doing This Business?

You should hire a digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, who has 5-6 years of experience in this industry. If you see the Google updates of the last five years, things are changing pretty quickly.

As a result, your SEO company should understand these updates and follow the best possible practices. Your ideal SEO company should have a long-term approach instead of using some black-hat techniques and deriving results in the short term.

For How Long You’re Doing This Business?

In this modern SEO era, a holistic strategy and perfect execution are necessary to improve SEO rankings. If your desired digital advertising company Bhubaneswar is doing this appropriately, the applied strategy will undoubtedly derive positive results.

However, suppose the SEO company explains the complex procedures without concluding and telling about the strategy. In that case, it indicates the company probably isn’t qualified and wants to get cash without prioritizing your expectations.

Which Important Aspects Do You Track?

The word ‘SEO’ is very small, but you can’t understand its technical aspects easily. So when you’re hiring your SEO company, you don’t need to jump into the technical aspects. However, reputed SEO company will tell you what aspects they track while running marketing campaigns.

  • Conversion Rate: The most experienced SEO experts know that actual money comes from conversions. Therefore, if there is no conversion, the ROI (Return on Investment) will be low, and only junk traffic will come.
  • Rankings: Ranking reports are very important to understand which keywords are moving up and down.
  • Traffic: Each reputed social media company Bhubaneswar provides a monthly traffic report to the clients monthly or quarterly.

These three aspects are really important for understanding the changes in traffic and rankings. If you’ve just launched your brand new website, it’s imperative to track the ranking and traffic every month.

Are You Following The Best Google Practices?

If you want your website to be loved by Google, you should first love Google practices. If the best Google practices aren’t followed, Google might ban your website temporarily or permanently.Your chosen SEO company should give a brief overview of how they follow the best Google practices.

Tell Me Something About The Google’s Algorithms

90% of the updates in the Google algorithms don’t have a major impact on the sites. However, some algorithms are very important, like Panda Update, and Penguin Update, Hummingbird Update, RankBrain Update etc….. Therefore, any reputed SEO company should be well aware of the changes in the Google algorithms.

Tell Me Something About The Google’s Algorithms

Most SEO companies make mistakes, and that’s understandable. If one doesn’t make mistakes, learning isn’t possible. Whether the mistakes were because of overconfidence or other reasons, it’s interesting to hear about the unsuccessful campaigns. Most important is how the company learned from its mistakes.

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